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Promote Your Company on IndustrialMegaSearch.com

There are a number of ways to promote your company with IndustrialMegaSearch.com

  1. IMS Search Engine

    The IMS search engine pulls results from about ten different industrial search sources as well as from traditional Google search results. Search results are ranked according the quality of the individual websites in the results. But there is a way to get listed above the traditional search results. Rank higher in the IMS Search Engine Results!

  2. IMS Regional Industrial Directories

    The IMS directory is made up of over 60 industrial product and service categories across six regions nationwide. Companies can be listed in one or multiple categories and one or more regions. Free listings are available to any USA based industrial company. We have three ways to enhance your listing and rank in the Industrial Mega Search directory. Rank higher in the IMS Directory!

  3. SEO Traffic Booster Page

    Traffic Booster Pages are enhanced profile & information pages dedicated exclusively to your company and optimized for the search engines. Traffic Booster Pages often appear in the top 10 or 20 results on the major search engines for your best keywords, giving your company a great search engine presence. In fact, if your company already ranks well, your Traffic Booster Page could provide additional top listings on Google and other major search engines! Because Traffic Booster Pages rank well on search engines, they are a great, low cost way to generate highly qualified traffic for your website and resultant highly qualified inquiries. Rank higher with an SEO-Traffic Booster Page!

  4. Video Promotion for Industrial Companies

    Video is an important part of promoting any company, even industrial companies. For the simple reason that site visitors would rather watch a video before they spend time reading any details, your company needs video! From simple video to complex productions, we can help your company get going with video marketing!
    Learn more about video!

  5. Other Industrial Marketing

    IMS parent company BaerMarketingNetwork.com offers additional marketing tools for industrial companies. (Links coming soon!)

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