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What is a Traffic Booster Page?

A Traffic Booster Page on IndustrialMegaSearch.com is a customized website page about your company and your products or services. It helps drive high quality and well targeted traffic from the major search engines to your website at a very reasonable cost.

How much traffic will my site get?

Our click-thru rates are extraordinarily far above industry average click-thru rates. Although we cannot guarantee a certain number of click thruís, many of our Traffic Booster Pages in the past have regularly had hundreds of page views monthly and sent 20-50% of those visitors to the advertiserís website every month. By comparison, click-thru rates on many pay-per-click sites are only 2-5%. With a Traffic Booster Page on IndustrialMegaSearch.com, you can achieve click-thru rates 5-10 times higher and without the hassle of pay-per-click systems.

Is there a guarantee?

Our guarantee is that we will work to increase your Booster Page traffic to a high sustained level and a highly qualified level. We measure highly qualified by the keywords used to find the page, which we want to be about 90% or more on-target. We also monitor click-thru rates to make sure that visitors arriving from a search engine to your Traffic Booster Page take the next step and click thru to your website.

How does this compare to Pay-Per-Click?

Other than the fact that both involved clicking, this is quite different and often much better than traditional pay-per-click advertising. Our SEO Traffic Booster Pages offer your company:

  • A Low, Fixed Cost… no mysteries about how much it will cost you. Great ROI!
  • Easy management - you don't manage it, we do! And you have no monthly hassles!
  • Great Exposure! Traffic Booster Pages say much more about your company… with traditional PPC, you get just a few short lines to describe your company. With a Traffic Booster Page, you get an entire search engine optimized web page with pictures and/or video!
  • Traffic Reports… your monthly traffic results will be emailed to you automatically and will include keywords used to find your traffic pages, the number of views to your Traffic Booster Page and the number of click-thrus to your website.

How soon will I get traffic?

Traffic Booster Pages usually take about 1-2 months to get indexed well on Google and other search engines. After 2-4 months, they begin thoroughly penetrating many more search engines for your primary keywords and keyword phrases. The longer you keep your Traffic Booster Page, the more embedded it will become in the search engines, the higher PageRank it will achieve, and the more traffic you will get.

How do I get started with a Traffic Booster Page?

First, you sign up using our Add-on Form where you can select the Traffic Booster Page as one of your Add-ons. The cost is only $295 per year!
Please note that the Traffic Booster Pages are stand-alone Add-ons unassociated with the other Add-on services on the form. The other Add-ons apply to Regional Industrial Directory listings and to IndustrialMegaSearch.com search results.

Next, you will be contacted to determine precisely the products or services that you want to highlight on your Traffic Booster Page. The content of your page is limited to about 1.5 screen lengths or about 500 words. Search engine optimization will be built in. Once your Traffic Booster Page is built, you will be contacted again for your approval or for your suggested changes. Then, you will start receiving well targeted and highly appropriate traffic!
Start your Traffic Booster Page today!

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