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Add-On Services Order Form


With Add-ons, you can get better exposure and more potential sales opportunities for your company on Industrial Mega Search (IMS). Add-Ons enhance your position in the Regional Industrial Directories and postively influence and/or override the search result algorithms in the IMS search tool on our home page.

Regional Directory Listings

  • Pay for Position


    Your company can rank higher than all other companies in your category by paying for a higher position. All bid amounts will be displayed with the listings and the higher you bid, the higher you will rank. (more info)

  • Displaying Logo


    To help you stand out from your other companies in your category, you can add a logo or graphic with your listing. These small graphics can be between 50 and 80 pixels in height & width. This will be displayed in every category where your listing appears. (more info)

  • Extra Categories


    All companies are allowed one free listing in their home region. If you want to be listed in multiple regions and/or multiple categories, then you need extra categories. (more info)

  • SEO Traffic Booster Page


    An entire page on Industrial Mega Search will be dedicated solely to your company. This page is optimized for search engines and is submitted to Google for indexing. It is an additional path to help buyers find your company by your best keywords and it often shows up highly ranked on Google. (more info)

Search Engine Results

  • Pay for Keywords


    Unlimited annual keyword hits! The Pay-Per-Keyword Add-on allows you to "claim" specific keywords pertinent to your company and show up at the top of the search results on IMS. (more info)

  • Pay for Inclusion


    This Add-on gives you broader overall exposure in the search results & can help your website dominate the search results. It assures that your website is indexed by Google for our custom search engine. It also includes your company as a "Featured Site" in our results. (more info)


  • Terms for Add-On Services


    All free listing services will remain free on a year-to-year basis, renewing automatically each year.

    Completing and submitting the order form will automatically generate an itemized invoice that will be sent to the email address you provided. You can pay by check or by credit card via PayPal. Please send payment within 10 days of the date on the invoice. Your Add-on services will be started upon receipt of payment.

    All paid Add-on services are for one year terms and renew automatically unless canceled. All renewals will be sent an invoice for renewal purposes. For your security, we will never see nor have access to your credit card information and all credit card transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of PayPal.

    In order to maintain the integrity of the IndustrialMegaSearch.com search results and the Regional Industrial Directories, all Add-on service requests are subject to editorial approval. Notifications will be made and invoices will be adjusted and reissued in the event of any editorial revisions.

    All payments are non-refundable.

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  • Questions?


    Please contact us with any questions about Add-On services. Send an email to listings@industrialmegasearch.com clearly stating your request. Paying customers can also log into the invoice account management system and submit a support ticket. Please be specific in your requests.

  • Change / Cancel Services


    To cancel or change any service from IndustrialMegaSearch.com, send an email to listings@industrialmegasearch.com clearly stating your request. Paying customers can also log into the invoice account management system and submit a support ticket. Please be specific in your requests.

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IndustrialMegaSearch Add-Ons

  • Please complete this order form to confirm and activate your add-on services on IndustrialMegaSearch.com.
  • A running total will be available as you progress and an invoice will be sent to you upon submission of this form.
  • You can click any item on the left for further explanation of that add-on service.
  • This form is not needed for a free listing in only one category.

We understand that some of this information might have already been entered when you signed up for your listing. However, to protect you as well as to maintain the integrity of IndustrialMegaSearch.com, we need you to re-enter and verify your requests for paid add-on services. We appreciate your business. Thank you!

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